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Some discussion questions for The Vixen Amber Halloway:

Why do you think Ophelia behaves the way she does? What is her principal motivation?

Who is the most sympathetic in this love triangle? Why or why not?

Do you have a favorite secondary character (e.g., Madge, Mallory)? Why?

Can you relate to Ophelia’s predicament?  Is it a universal predicament in some sense?

What does the author accomplish by telling the story as a jailhouse confessional, a decade after the events in question?

Some questions I am frequently asked about Someday Everything Will All Make Sense:

Is this based on a true story?

Are you a lawyer? 

How did you get the idea to write about choking/death/grief in such a humorous yet touching way? 

Is Tudor City a real neighborhood?

Does this restaurant exist?

This book has so much humor in a subtle way, even regarding grief and how it takes its own sweet time-- were you aware of the humor as you were writing?

The musical references are so specific, so entwined with the plot and voice--are you a musician?

Regarding the debates surrounding tonality and musical temperament -- Did this synergism happen naturally - or did you weave it into your plot consciously?

Do you find humor in your other work?

Luther is relatable, sweet, but he just can't move on -- How did you get the idea for him?