Someday Everything Will All Makes Sense is forthcoming February 2019 from Adelaide Books!  The novel follows Luther van der Loon, an eccentric harpsichordist and professor of early music, as he navigates the stages of grief following the untimely death of his mother.  Luther obsesses over burial practices, rails against the funerary industry, and institutes a personal injury suit against the Chinese take-out whose sloppy methods he blames for his mother choking on a wonton. 

Luther detests modern music and the equal temperament, the tuning fiction upon which it is based.  He believes, like Kepler and the greatest thinkers of the Renaissance, that music is to be constructed according to the divine Pythagorean ratios.

The novel speaks to the absurdity of the legal system as a means of redressing our grievances, as well as to the universality of the loss suffered by the protagonist.